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Monday, April 14, 2014

0x8004271A ODSOLE Extended Procedure Error in srv_convert.

We were trying to make a hosted web service call and retrieve the response. Following code segment was working fine for smaller responses.

set nocount on
declare @objWinHttp int
declare @strLine varchar(8000)
declare @hr int

exec @hr =sp_OACreate 'WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1', @objWinHttp out
print @hr
EXEC sp_OAMethod @objWinHttp, 'Open',NULL,'GET','',false
EXEC sp_OAMethod @objWinHttp, 'Send',NULL
--- Problematic call
exec @hr =sp_OAGetProperty @objWinHttp, 'ResponseText',@strLine OUtPUT
print @hr
print @strLine
exec sp_OADestroy @objWinHttp

but when response text is larger than 4000 bytes it failed with following error

OLE Automation Error Information
  HRESULT: 0x8004271a
  Source: ODSOLE Extended Procedure
  Description: Error in srv_convert.
Length of response > 4000.
Microsoft has description about the issue at

As a workaround we created a temporary table with nvarchar column having size as max. We inserted the output of procedure to the table

--- Changed the call : removed @strLine OUtPUT
Create table #tmp(dt nvarchar(max))
insert into #tmp
exec @hr =sp_OAGetProperty @objWinHttp, 'ResponseText' --,@strLine OUtPUT
 Select dt from #tmp -- single column/single row.
Drop Table #tmp -- clean up

It worked for us. Hope it help others.

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