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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reporting Tool

I am looking for the development of a reporting tool (something like Crystal Reports). Can someone provide links and material which will help me in developing this tool. I wish to use SQL Standards for the queries that will be generated intermediately , so no cube , rollup


Hi All,
While inserting date value I wish to take only date part So I tried this
Create Table JTrial ( XYZ int, d datetime default convert(varchar,getdate(),112) )

insert into JTrial(XYZ) values(1)
insert into JTrial(XYZ) values(2)
insert into JTrial(XYZ) values(3)
insert into JTrial(XYZ) values(4)
select * from JTrial
Is there any better alternative.
Check constraint like this check ( d = convert(varchar,d,112) ) Will not allow me to insert row insert into JTrial(XYZ,d) values(5,getdate()) -- Because here date has time part
Is writing A trigger better alternative ?