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Monday, May 25, 2009

FileHelpers : Strong type your flat file

We were working on a project, where it required to read a pipe separated values from the file. This is how we were doing it earlier




          StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(lstrFilePath);

          while ((lstrReadLine = sr.ReadLine()) != null)


                    string[] lstrsplit = lstrReadLine.Split(new Char[] { '|' });

                    string lstrCOMP_NAME = lstrsplit[1];

                    string lstrFULL_NAME = lstrsplit[2];

                    string lstrFATHER_NAME = lstrsplit[3];

                    string lstrDESIGNATION = lstrsplit[4];


                    rowInsert["COMP_NAME"] = lstrCOMP_NAME;

                    rowInsert["FULL_NAME"] = lstrFULL_NAME;

                    rowInsert["FATHER_NAME"] = lstrFATHER_NAME;

                    rowInsert["DESIGNATION"] = lstrDESIGNATION;






catch(Exception e)



// Error Logging





// Will always be called

 if (sr != null) // This check can be ignored though




We started looking for a class (Helper Class), which can import/export flat files into DataTable/Array.

Then came across this useful dll FileHelpers. We converted our previous code to the one written below


Step 1) Created a class in .cs file and specify deliminator , which was | (pipe) in our case


 public class Anxeure  


     public string COMP_NAME;  


     public string FULL_NAME;  


     public string FATHER_NAME;  


     public string DESIGNATION;  


     //..... and other columns in the sequence they will come in file.





 Step 2) Create an instance of FileHelperEngine and read the file.


 FileHelperEngine engine = new FileHelperEngine(typeof(Anxeure));  


 // To Read Use:  

 Anxeure[] res = engine.ReadFile("FileIn.txt") as Anxeure[];  


//We could also export the data thus created after doing some manipulation

engine.WriteFile("FileOut.txt", res);  


It is amazing how by writing two statements we could achieve a strongly typed output. Great


Hope it helps




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