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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Provider error '8007000e' , Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

Problem :
I was facing "Provider error '8007000e' , Not enough storage is available to
complete this operation." error in vbscript of an classic asp application.

code was as below-

set rsGetEnquiryInfo = server.CreateObject("Adodb.Recordset")
rsGetEnquiryInfo.Open strSql,conn,3,1
dim intFieldCount, intCounter
if not((rsGetEnquiryInfo.BOF) and (rsGetEnquiryInfo.EOF)) then
intFieldCount = rsGetEnquiryInfo.GetRows() '--- getting error at this line
end if

MDAC version should be 2.8 +
The version information is found in the following key:
To check the registry, follow these steps:
• On the Start menu, click Run.
• In the Open text box, type regedit and then click OK; this starts Registry Editor.
In the Navigation pane, drill-down to the following path:
• In the Details pane, look in the Name column for FullInstallVer and Version. Each of these keys will have corresponding version information in the Data column.
• When finished, click Exit on the Registry menu to close Registry Editor.

Setting the rsGetEnquiryInfo object to nothing should solve the error.
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